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Temperature:1250°C (or 1350°C +20 000More.
Power: from 10 kW
Temperature controller:Thermodat 17E6 (2 control loops)
Thermocouple:ТХА(Type K) chromel-alumel 1.2 mm (2pcs) or Platinum-platinum-rhodium up to 1350°C (2pcs) 
Heating elements:Fechral (Eurofechral) from 1.8 mm

Furnace dimensions width*depth*height

(with camera 700*500*500): 1100*880*1000mm

Weight: ~200kg

500*500*400 - 100l

600*500*500 - 150l

700*500*500 – 175l available

700*700*600 - 300l

244 000 ₽

260 000 ₽

270 000 ₽

361 200 ₽


1) Automatic compensation for the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the chamber.

2) The possibility of upgrading the furnace to a temperature of 1350 degrees.

3) Large chamber volume.

4) Fast kiln cooling to increase firing frequency.

5) Easy-to-use thermostat in Russian.

6) Replaceable seal between body and cover.

7) The weight of the loaded items does not deform the bottom plate. Emphasis through through lightriveting into the frame.

8) MKR support against deformation of the furnace cover plates.

9) Impregnation of the chamber with a special fixing compound.More.

10) Wheels.


1) It is not possible to use from the 220V network

2) Furnace dimensions.

This type of our muffle furnaces will allow you to realize your most daring ideas. Thermal high-temperature treatment of large-sized products, or the production of a whole batch is possible in our muffle furnaces. ABOUTThe absence of temperature differences in the furnace is realized by five-sided heating of the chamber and a thermostat using from 2 to 4 thermocouples to control the temperature in different parts of the furnace. It reduces or increases the load on the spirals in the area where it is needed. The heating of the hearth (bottom) of the furnace, as the most vulnerable spot, is covered with special plates (breams), which have the maximum coefficient of thermal conductivity. This prevents local overheating of the heating elements, as well as their contamination and, as a result, premature failure. To prevent cracking of the lower heat-insulating plate, through holes are drilled in it, through which the legs of the breech support pass and abut against the metal frame of the furnace. The weight from the loaded products has no effect on the lower heat-insulating plate, which lies on the layer of MKR wool.


Despite the impressive size of the top cover of the furnace, the user will not use unnecessary physical effort. We carefully select a gas stop for each volume of the furnace, in order to make it as convenient as possible to work with the furnace  and the load on the hinges was minimal.

The furnaces use energy-efficient heat-reflecting thermal insulation, which allows to reduce the energy consumption of the furnace (only when reaching maximum temperatures, the furnace consumes the number of kilowatts declared in the passport). By combining different materials, we aim to reduce the heating of the furnace body and consider the possibility of local repairs after years of use of the furnace. Also, thanks to this, these ovens have a small weight in relation to volume. 

All our ovens are equipped with an extractor fan. It is a mullite-silica tube located on the top cover of the furnace.  We use this material because it withstands high temperatures and does not crumble. In no case should metal hoods be used in ovens, otherwise soot from the burnt metal will shower on your products. As for the hood itself, it is necessary in electric furnaces, since your products have moisture during the initial temperature set, which, evaporating, can settle both on the spirals and on the inner walls of the furnace casing. This will lead to increased wear of the heating coil and the metal frame of the furnace.


Fusible fuse, triggered by accidents of several types. Such a fuse is installed in all our furnaces, because it is able to prevent overheating of the muffle furnace chamber, protect your products from overheating and deformation.

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