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Печь для чистки фильер

We offer high-quality furnaces for cleaning various parts from hardened polymers.

The use of our furnaces allows avoiding mechanical impact on expensive parts, which contributes to their early failure.


Our ovens enable efficient cleaning of various dies, die caps, adapters, filter screens or molds.

In the lining of our furnaces, we use only high-quality heat-insulating materials - fireclay fiber boards, ceramic fiber mats and plates.

The furnace body is made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and long service life.

Furnaces are completed with the programmable thermoregulator Termodat 14E5.

Печь для чистки фильер
Печь для чистки фильер

In our range of furnaces there is a large selection of furnaces in terms of volume and standard sizes.

We individually approach the tasks of each client and try to solve them as efficiently as possible, producing furnaces with individual features for each client.

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