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  • Pickup from our production store in the Moscow region Elektrostal, Sportivnaya st., 22A

  • We prefer to send Muffle Furnaces over long distances by the PEK transport company, and for delivery to Moscow and the Moscow Region, use the services of the Dostavista courier service. Delivery by other transport companies as agreed.

  • You can arrange delivery to the terminal or to the entrance of your house.

  • Delivery by our car is possible upon individual request. 

Estimated cost of PEK delivery from us (Moscow region, Elektrostal) to a client from Irkutsk for a 60-liter furnace is 11000r, and to Cheboksary the same volume of the furnace is 7200r. (the cost of delivery is indicated to the terminals in these cities, the relevance of the price is from 01/20/2023)

The estimated cost of delivery by the Dostavista service from us (Moscow region, Elektrostal) to a client from Moscow is 3000-3900 rubles, and the size of the furnace does not affect the price, only the remoteness and traffic congestion on the day of delivery. (the cost of delivery is indicated to the entrance, the relevance of the price is from 20.01.2023)


Installment is available without a down payment and imposed additional products. When buying a furnace for 60,000 rubles without a down payment, for 6 months - the monthly payment will be 10,000 rubles.

We work under a manufacturing contract. Our contracts are of 2 types.

For individuals: ​

  • ​cash

  • translation​

For legal entities:

  • payment to a checking account

When paying to the current account, along with the finished furnace, the documents necessary for accounting are provided - the original contract for manufacturing and invoice Torg-12.​

Contracts are signed remotely, i.e. when ordering a furnace, we send the client a contract for review, at the request of the client, changes can be made to it. After that, we sign the contract, certify it with a seal and send a scan to the client.

When buying a furnace from the presence - an advance payment of 100%.

When buying a stove to order, 50% is paid at the time of registration, and the second part after the manufacture of the stove.

For individuals, in case of delivery of the furnace by our transport or pickup, it is possible to pay the second part in cash.

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