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Power: 3 kW
Temperature controller:Thermodat 14E1
Thermocouple:ТХА (Type K) chromel-alumel 1.2 mm
Heating elements:Fechral (Eurofechral) 1.8 mm

Furnace dimensions width*depth*height

(with camera 400*400*250): 610*700*650mm

Weight: ~40kg

400*300*250 - 30l

400*400*250 – 40L available

400*400*350 - 56l

59 000 ₽

65 000 ₽

85 000 ₽


1) Low body heating temperature up to 80 degrees

2) Maintainability (replacement of spirals and thermocouples will take 10 minutes), the ability to replace any part of the thermal insulation with segments in case of damage.

3) A double layer of frame painting using primer, which is used to protect railway trains transporting chemical reagents.

4) High accuracy of determining the temperature in the furnace chamber.

5) Easy-to-use thermostat in Russian.

6) Weight ~40kg


1) A number of spirals protrude into the furnace chamber, thereby reducing the usable volume.

2) There is no possibility of upgrading the furnace to a temperature of 1350 degrees.

3) It is not convenient to use the thermostat if the stove is installed on the floor. We recommend ourstand.

This version  of the oven has a maximum temperature of 1200 degrees  , which allows you to work with materials such as MKF-2, red clay, any kindfireclay, MKL, blue clay, RM clay (white Spanish).

Often we are limited in budget, but the desire to buy a muffle furnace for ceramics will not stop a burning heart. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner ceramist or you decide to purchase an additional ceramics kiln in order to increase the volume of  products and unload the main kiln.

For example, such a kiln can be used in factory and laboratory conditions for firing trial products, so as not to put into operation a larger chamber kiln.

This kiln can be used for both waste firing and low-temperature glazes (in the temperature range up to 1200 degrees, inclusive). 

The high temperature oven has a sufficient chamber volume of 40 liters. The advantage of this option is a small overall size and the ability to place at home. The muffle furnace will easily pass through doorways.

Having an attractive price, the kiln for firing is equipped with a full-fledged multi-stage programmer Termodat 14E1, for ease of use.

We are trying for you and this affordable option allows you to slightly open the door to the wonderful world of ceramics, bright colors and indescribable emotions! The opportunity to create and give smiles is truly priceless, it is given to each of us! And with  Project ovens, this opportunity will become even closer for you.

We will manufacture a furnace for you with a 12-month warranty and send it to any corner of our country, and you will only have to buy clay and create!


PS  The history of this kiln began when our friends, the Inclusive Pottery Workshop "Drop of the Sun" from the city of Penza, took part in the Tavrida Youth Forum, where they gave pottery master classes and introduced the forum participants to the wonderful world of ceramics.

For work, they used a 22-liter version of a chamber furnace with vertical loading and heating of the hearth, which, in the additional configuration of a compact muffle furnace, is protected by a bridle (refractory plate). This was made possible because the stove is easy to transport and runs on a generator, consuming only 2kW. What makes it very attractive for participants of outdoor master classes in pottery in the open air.

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