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Temperature: 1250°C (or 1320°C + 10,000 ₽) More details.
Network: 220V
Power: 3.8 kW
Temperature controller: Touch control panel
Thermocouple: THA(Type K) Chromel-alumel 1.2 mm (Platinum-platinum-rhodium up to 1320°C)
Heating elements: Fehral (Eurofehral) 1.8 mm

Furnace dimensions width*depth*height

(with camera Ø410*340 height): 600*890*730mm

Ø410*230 height - 30l

Ø410*340 height – 45l available

Ø410*460 height - 60l

215 000 ₽

180 000 ₽

235 000 ₽


1) A touch-sensitive thermostat in Russian that is easy to control.

2) Maintainability (replacement of coils and thermocouples will take 10 minutes), quick access to connections

3) High corrosion resistance. Most of the furnace parts are made of stainless steel.

4) Ultra accuracy of temperature determination in the furnace chamber.

5) The formation of dust and scale from spirals is excluded for clean firing.

6) Completely dry assembly from brick groove to groove.

7) Narrowed furnace lid to reduce the likelihood of cracking and deformation.

8) The furnace is designed and manufactured in Russia. Maintenance and search for spare parts for it will not be difficult.

9) Three-layer thermal insulation.

10) Modern furnace design.

11) Weight ~60kg


1) Heating of the housing at maximum temperatures in the furnace up to 160 °

Modern design, cost, materials used, build quality distinguish this furnace among many. You will not remain indifferent to her appearance and she will be the decoration of your pottery workshop. Do you want an unexpected Candy pink color or a color corresponding to the design code of your organization on the basis of the oven and the arcs of the lid attachment? Just hint, we'll paint.

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