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Net: 220V
Power: 3.8 kW
Temperature controller:Thermodat 14E1
Thermocouple:ТХА (Type K) chromel-alumel 1.2 mm
Heating elements:Fechral (Eurofechral) 2.2 mm in quartz tubes

Furnace dimensions width*depth*height

(with camera 600*400*380): 960*710*740mm

Weight: ~95kg

500*300*250 - 37l

500*300*380 - 57l

600*400*250 - 60l

600*400*380 – 90L available

130 000 ₽

130 000 ₽

148 000 ₽

148 000 ₽


1) Clean firing.

2) The possibility of upgrading the furnace to a temperature of 1250 degrees.

3) Low body heating temperature up to 60 degrees

4) Hard wear-resistant working surface (bottom plate).

5) Easy-to-use thermostat in Russian.

6)Preinstalled 3 basic glass programs.

7) Heating elements in quartz glass tubes.

8) Highly efficient thermal insulation. Energy consumption of the oven 90l - 3.8kW

9) Impregnation of the chamber with a special fixing compound.More.


1) Stand not included. 

This type of our ovens is perfect for home or workshops and schools working with glass. The furnace can be used for fusing, lampworking and piercing.lglass shaping. The temperature of the furnace application is 950 degrees, but also with unknownwith a significant revision, it can be converted into 1250 and operate as a ceramic kiln. All internal surfaces of the furnace are treated with a fixing dust-removing impregnation. Heating elements in quartz tubes. The working platform of the kiln is solid, made of material SHVPKh 550. We took care of the cleanliness of firing - scale from spirals and particles of thermal insulation will not get on your work.

In the thermostat Thermodat 14E1, we have pre-installed 3 basic programs for working on glass. 17 programs are available for you to install yourself. The thermostat is located in the control unit, which is located outside the furnace body. The stove is made on short legs for ergonomics during delivery and ease of transportation by hand. Due to modern thermal insulation, the oven is lightweight and can be installed on any existing table, even a wooden table (there is no heating of the bottom and legs of the oven). 

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