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Temperature:1250°C (or 1350°C +10,000More.
Net: 220/380V
Power: from 3.5 kW
Temperature controller:Thermodat 14E1
Thermocouple:ТХА (Type K) chromel-alumel 1.2 mm  or Platinum-platinum-rhodium up to 1350°C 
Heating elements:Fechral (Eurofechral) from 1.8 mm

Furnace dimensions width*depth*height

(with camera 300*500*300): 560*840*640mm

Weight: ~90kg

200*400*200 - 16l

200*800*200 - 32l

400*400*250 – 40L available

300*500*300 – 45L available

400*600*400 - 96l

400*1000*400 - 160l

400*1500*400 - 240l

126000 ₽

163100 ₽

120 000 ₽

155 000 ₽

223000 ₽

314300 ₽



1) Low body heating temperature up to 120 degrees.More

2) Maintainability. Quick access to coil connections. Lightweight design.

3) Solid thermal insulation. Complete impregnation of the chamber.More

4) Door damper. Sealing and sealing with refractory fiber.

5) Easy-to-use thermostat in Russian.More

6) Quick access to operating temperatures. 1100° - 60 min.

7) The possibility of upgrading the furnace up to 1350 degrees.More

8) Energy efficiency (example: oven 45L - 4.5kW)More


1) No hood (we will install for free on request).

2) Furnace body made of galvanized sheet.

3) The door handle is metal and gets hot. Work with gloves.

The furnace is designed taking into account the needs of small, private organizations working in the field of artistic and applied metal processing, the manufacture of special tools (knives, blades, adapters, pullers, etc.), calcining flasks, parts of agricultural combines.

As a rule, it is quite difficult to find a part from a machine tool or other equipment that has been discontinued. But by turning the workpiece on a lathe and processing it thermally in the Project furnace, it is possible to give the necessary strength characteristics to the workpiece.

Pay attention to the table of sizes and characteristics of chamber furnaces "Project" for heat treatment of metal. In all furnaces, the depth parameter prevails, since in most cases, whether it is a product of artistic metal processing, a workpiece or various parts, they have an oblong shape. Also, an indisputable plus of the elongated shape is the most uniform and quick access to the operating temperature. The thermal insulation of the furnace is made of material (ShVPKh 550) and the furnace chamber is additionally impregnated to remove dust and protect against damage during inaccurate loading and unloading of hot metal. Impregnation creates a powerful and effective coating 10-15mm inside the board.

By studying how users open and close the hot furnace door for loading and unloading, we paid special attention to the quality of the door lining. To avoid cracks and chips, a special refractory fiber is fixed on the entire surface of the door, which works as a damper (compensates for excessive user efforts), and serves as a doorway seal. If the fiber is damaged, it can be re-glued to a new one.

Furnaces "Project" for metal heat treatment operate on 220V and 380V, depending on the volume of the chamber. The smallest ovens can easily be placed in a garage or workshop, and their energy consumption is comparable to that of a conventional heater.

Heating is controlled by an easy-to-use thermostat Thermodat 14E1. It allows you to set up to 20 different heating programs, including heating, cooling, holding at predetermined temperatures. Each program has 10 customizable steps. As a result, it is possible to heat the workpiece according to a complex schedule. To optimize work in production, it is possible to set the temperature controller so that the oven is automatically heated by the beginning of the working day. The user arrives at work and the oven is already at operating temperature. By the way, warming up the camera to a temperature, for example, 1100 degrees, will take about 60 minutes, if you set the maximum heating rate in the settings.

The heating elements of the furnace are made of Eurofechral. Thanks to this, the oven is not afraid of sudden temperature changes (even when the chamber is opened at maximum temperatures). The service life of heating elements is usually from 1 to 3 years. We always have new coil replacement kits in stock. Therefore, we give a 1-year warranty not only on the furnace and thermal insulation, but also on consumables (coils and thermocouple).


The oven can be used 24 hours a day.

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