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We welcome new partners and are ready for cooperation.

Our company is engaged in the development, manufacture, production of PROJECT muffle furnaces and accessories.

We are located in the Moscow region, the city of Noginsk. But despite this, the vast majority of customers and users of our furnaces are located throughout Russia and the CIS countries.

The main areas of work of our heat and power equipment:

  • work with ceramics;

  • work with metal;

  • work with precious metal;

  • laboratory research .

Several reasons to work with us:

  • Volume of sales. At the moment, we are the only representatives on the Russian market of muffle furnaces with such low prices for end products, which is why the vast majority of consumers choose us. By becoming our partner, you will be provided with a sufficient volume of demand for our products.

  • Product quality. All types of goods that we produce are covered by a one-year warranty, which applies not only to the performance of the equipment, but also to consumables and delivery. In the event of a warranty case, we take full responsibility for restoring the operation of our products and resolving the situation.

  • Sales platform. In order to sell our products, there is no need to have your own warehouse or retail space. Sales can be carried out through Internet platforms.

  • Information support and individual approach. Upon signing the contract and readiness to become our distributor partner, all information support is provided in paper and electronic form.

  • Personal manager. Our personal manager is provided, who provides information support, notifies about ongoing promotions and company news, monitors production from the moment the application is received to the moment the client receives the goods.


Message sent, thanks!

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